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Welcome to WEEK 4 of the Impact 90 Challenge!


This week, we’re focusing on EXCUSES! We all have reasons why we don’t follow through on our promises to ourselves. Some are valid, others are not. Here’s the rub – no matter how ‘valid’ your excuses may be, you’ve got to learn to plan around, over, and through them so they no longer hold power over you!


Head to your WEEK 4 Challenge Tasks to Blast Your Excuses! You have until Sunday evening at 11:59 pm PST to complete these tasks and earn those challenge points!


Everyone should be placed in a team at this point. If you need a reassignment due to scheduling or lack of activity in your group, please message @amy and we’ll get you sorted!


For those of you just joining the challenge, welcome! Make sure you complete the CHALLENGE REGISTRATION so that we can place you in a team that works with your schedule. NOTE: Challenge points are earned in the week in which they were assigned. You will be unable to earn points in the weeks prior to your enrollment. But rest assured, this challenge is more than points. It’s about you crossing the finish line on your goal – the ultimate win!


If you did not receive a WEEK 4 email, please contact @Ambra directly via ITU message.



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