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  • (Re-post) Week 2: (Finally) getting that “Brad Pitt in Fight Club” body

    Posted by Stefan Bruvik on January 23, 2022 at 9:59 am

    This is a re-post of my goal for the week 2 challenge (original post here:

    My goal for the Impact 90 challenge is to achieve a body composition like that of the-one and-only Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Now, I don’t know his exact body fat %, but according to the Internet it’s most probably in the 5-7% range. We’re the same height (5’ 11), and he is supposedly 155 pounds in that movie, while I’m currently at 172 pounds. (I don’t know what my own body fat % currently is, but I plan to buy a body composition scale this week to find out)

    Both my father and brother have always been obese, and I myself weighed 220-230 pounds 5 years ago. I’ve already put on some muscle in the last year, so my main focus these 90 days will be on dieting (e.g. counting every calorie I eat) and doing cardio (mainly walking on an incline on the treadmill).

    I’ve attempted to do this before (admittedly half assed) but given up. This time will be different because I’ve learned a lot about dieting and exercise, about what works and not. And I will measure and track every variable / lever that I can. (Take pictures, measure my weight and body fat %, track my activity and progress in the gym etc). I will use what I’ve learned in the mindset course here at ITU to make sure I crush this!

    Reaching this goal will certainly be a big confidence boost, both because of the way I will look, but also because I will have proven to myself that I can do something very hard that I’ve never done before, and that most people out there isn’t able or willing to do. I’ll use that confidence to set new hard-to-reach goals in other areas of my life.

    This is definitely a goal that excites me! I hope it also can be inspiring for others to follow my journey, so I plan to publish my progress and the steps I take on a website where I explain exactly what I’m doing/did to reach my goal.

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