Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity WEEK 4: Building Traction and Creating Momentum Reply To: WEEK 4: Building Traction and Creating Momentum

  • Paul McLanathan

    November 17, 2021 at 5:52 am

    Life category: Intellectual

    What are your root beliefs about this area in your life?

    * I am a writer. If I consistently practice my craft it will lead me towards a path of fulfillment.

    What’s something you recently quit that in hindsight that you wish you would have stuck with?

    * Investment analysis. I regressed back into a degenerate gambler, and realized too late to correct my errors.

    What are some of your fixed mindset triggers in this space?

    * Trying to be right instead of getting it right.

    What habit(s) do you have that you’ve always wanted to change but are convinced are permanent?

    * I don’t deserve/haven’t earned the right to do something else, and/or it will take too much time to get good enough at something else.

    If your envisioned future is at a scale of 10, where do you stand in this area in terms of progress and passion?

    * Progress – 3 , Passion – 2

    Life category: Financial

    * I worked hard to attain my current lot. I don’t need to justify what I deserve or don’t to anyone but myself.

    * Business leadership. I preferred to follow blindly.

    * I’m a fraud and I would rather fail without trying than fail and learn something (the definition of false growth mindset).

    * That I can teach and motivate others to reach their potential.

    * Progress – 2, Passion – 1

    Life category: Social

    * I have made many mistakes, but I am willing to learn. If given an opportunity I will always express gratitude.

    * Moving to a new city. I didn’t want it bad enough.

    * Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (toxic negativity).

    * That I will never be the life of the party/meeting.

    * Progress – 1 , Passion 3

    Life category: Physical

    * I am hopelessly average, but I can attain what I desire with a growth mindset.

    * Working out 5 times a week (deprioritized).

    * No one appreciates my dedication to going hard.

    * That potential mates find me unattractive.

    * Progress – 5 , Passion 4

    Life category: Spiritual

    *I am enough, I value process.

    *Meditated at least 10 minutes a day for over 100 days straight.

    * I don’t know enough about anything to help others.

    *That I could never be competent enough to teach others how they can develop their own practice.

    * Progress – 4 , Passion – 5

    Note: I ranked each subcategory at a maximum of 5.