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  • Laura Jackson

    November 16, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Thanks for this challenge, I feel much clearer in what I want to achieve although still a bit of work to do with my career and finances, so that’s my next task ahead of the new year. It’s been great to see others getting clearer on their goals too and start taking action.

    My main goal for next year is to get control of my career by running my own practice. Just writing this sentence makes me a bit anxious so actually making the leap and doing it will take some work. I need to first get crystal clear about what I want to work on as an architect (which I’m closer to now) and then work out how I’m going to get the work, do the work and get paid for it (or get paid through my side hustle depending on what work I decide to do) and make that work around my family. I know I have a few mental blockers about this to work through. I have joined the women of wealth accountability group as I think a lot of those blockers are around making money from my work – I’m fairly confident I can do the actual work.

    I have already set my goal for the 90 day challenge which is a health goal to run the Manchester marathon on 3rd April. I know when I exercise and feel fit and strong I have a better mental attitude and I will need this if I’m to make the leap to setting up my own business. It will force me to get on top of some niggling health issues which I also need to address.

    Once I have worked out what architecture I’d like to do I’m planning to find some competitions I can enter to start building up a bit of a portfolio as well as making connections with some universities as I would like my practice to have a research element to it. I also need to develop my network further.

    I also need to start reading more on how to make the leap to self employment – I know I’ll never be fully ready but I need to work out what things need to be in place for me to take that risk.

    That’s it for now – I’m sure other things will come up as I work through the above. I’m just glad I can start doing these things knowing they are the right things for me to do, rather than questioning their relevance at every step. ????