Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity Week 2 Reply To: Week 2

  • Lisa Hinshaw

    November 16, 2021 at 5:28 am

    Week 2 Answers

    1. Share my goals, the actions I am taking, my mistakes and learning and how I face each obstacle with a problem solving mindset. Share my “why” and how it feels to be in service to others. Ask questions instead of instructing so my child can develop his own thought process.

    2. Expect that teens will be awkward and make mistakes as they navigate their relationships. Teach my teen about the different types of boundaries, how to develop his own boundaries and respect others to develop stronger relationships. Open up about the challenges of developing new friendships.

    3. Talk about situational intelligence and how to navigate the challenges of traveling the NYC subways and streets. Normalize the chaos and empower my child that he has the resources to handle the unpredictability of traveling and living in the city. Ask him to mentally solve different problems he will encounter to gain confidence. Give him opportunities to take risks and solve problems.

    4. I wish my parents talked to me more about financial education, planning, taking risks and dreaming what is possible. I wish they encouraged me to push outside of my comfort level and how to face fears.

    5. #1 Growth mindset #2 Value working hard and in an intelligent manner #3Be a positive force and lift people up