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  • Anthony

    November 15, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    For me the culmination of the clarity challenge was the integration of my personal, health, spiritual, and business goals. The business goals were intertwined with all my other goals. But the business goals are what my retirement and our sons college funds are dependent on, so it takes center stage (for now). The challenge also helped me to clearly identify what my roadblocks have been. All that remains is to remove them and “plan the work, and work the plan” (con ganas y ritmo).

    Business Execution Plan: grow the business to twice the current client size (staffing branch) in a year, with a new 8a license, and bid/win my own prime contracts. Also have a budding green tech branch, and be a part-time financial investor that will make enough money to pay for college for both sons. Ultimate goal is to have $3M in the bank at the end of 10 years, with ongoing passive income from real estate and from my ongoing financial investing and from my part-time consulting. I’ll have a paid residence in the U.S. and Mexico so that most of the money can be spent on travel and having great experiences with my sons and family. To do this I will need outstanding physical, emotional, and spiritual health and need amazing healthy personal relationships. And I will have to do it all enjoying what I do on a daily basis (embracing the suck and doing it for fulfillment). All of that will speak to my primary passions in life: construction, green tech (env), owning my own business, financial investment (newfound passion), and international living.

    1. Get the 8a license.

    2. Come out of the closet with my social media persona and corporate marketing.

    3. Expand to SW region staffing and then nationwide staffing. Expand marketing to do it.

    4. Bid and win my own contracts.

    5. Become a part-time financial investor (Crypto mainly). Find additional ways of making money with Crypto. Finish Ono course; finish Real Vision course. Read more financial books. Include real estate for retirement

    6. Find a green tech and convert my business to it.