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  • Darren Stoddart

    November 15, 2021 at 7:57 am

    Week 6 wow, so much amazing nuggets over the past 6 weeks not only from the course but from the community so thank you.

    My main goal for the next year is to create income sources that will pivot me from survival mode and into a flourishing abundant point that allows me to go all in on bigger goals like health, being a linchpin within breaking the traditional education system.

    I use to prioritise finances over health, so this time I will way up the costs of each decision. However finances has become the biggest obstacle to other life categories, especially fulfilment and health.

    I have broken down each aspect of creating financial security

    step one is publish the books I am working on, as well as looking into my ideas for webtoon and NFT’s
    secondly I have several events and projects that are close to launching on the Estate I volunteer for (huge scope once these are running, and mainly passive)