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  • Paul McLanathan

    November 12, 2021 at 7:29 am

    Life category: Spiritual

    *Prepare to travel for at least one month to one new country with a suitable female mate by December 2022 to evolve my meditation practice and connect with the local culture.

    Life category: Physical

    *Learn how to swim (more specifically how to float) by September 2022, so that I can overcome any barriers of failure and embarrassment in order to fulfill my future travel plans.

    Life category: Social

    *Meet at least one female friend that I can go on a date with in person by June 2022 to build and develop my confidence so I can fully embrace a growth mindset; eliminating all fear/doubt.

    Life category: Financial

    *Plan my yearly budget by March 2022 in order to decide if I can afford to live in a new location for one year on savings and the career/job I have chosen to pursue in the long/short term.

    Life category: Intellectual

    *Finish my first psychological fiction novella, completing the creative process by December 2021; so I can release the final product on the scheduled release date of February 14, 2022.