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  • Darren Stoddart

    November 11, 2021 at 11:01 am

    Week 5: Had major breakthrough across multiple life categories, one during a team dinner on Sunday that hit me like a tonne of bricks whilst I was eating a roast dinner (British cultural food)

    Financial goal: Create Income streams in order to pivot out of survival mode

    My volunteering position affords me many extraordinary opportunities to acquire skills, build networks, go deep into the shadows, build an antifragile identity and a growth mindset and work on my projects. However the opportunity cost is financial outside of covering my accommodation costs.

    I do have more time to focus on building up my own income sources as I do not want the traditional career and restrictions that are attached- I will create my own independence and purpose.

    This is me catching up on ITU Q&A’s, Journaling and going deep on building up impactful children’s books that will bridge the gap’s society and “education systems” leave. I will become a linchpin within “education” creating a system that draws positives from multiple systems, keeps pace with the real world and incorporates physical and VR learning.

    Children enter the system as a block of marble, the system somehow turns us all into swiss cheese with countless holes in our knowledge, skills and our general selves. (This cheese model is also known as the “Cumulative act effect”. In the book by James T.)