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  • Nima Noghrehkar

    November 10, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    “Stop Screwing Yourself Over”

    Tom Bilyeu

    I want to share this with you: MY SECRET RECIPE as part of WEEK 5 Clarity Challenge.

    Today as I was changing in the gym to go for a run, an email I had received was replaying in my mind. The title of the email was “Stop SABOTAGING Yourself” it was from ITU.

    Now I never take my phone or headphones with me while I run or workout (from the locker). However, I had to read this email again and listen to the video recommended in it (for the second time, as I had watched it last Saturday).

    It inspired me to share the below:

    My Secret Recipe:
    Your morning routine starts the night before:

    1- Chose a problem that seeks a solution.

    2- Next day when you wake up, start meditating with an Alpha induced beat (if you can Theta beat but don’t fall asleep), for 20 minutes.

    3- Go to your Journal immediately. Just start writing until you have a flow of words that your hand almost can’t keep up with the speed of thoughts/words produced (that’s coming from the subconscious – this is my educated guess not a fact). End your journaling process with a VERY CLEAR CONCLUSION STATEMENT (1-2 sentences).

    4- Later if you run and or workout (if you work out in the morning or later during the day), REFINE your conclusion and at the moment of most pain use “Neurobic” (watch last Mel Robbins interview with dear Tom), and BURN the refined version of your conclusion as either an IDENTITY STATEMENT or a GOAL in your NERVOUS SYSTEM by REPETITION.

    5- Now here comes the best part, make it official by announcing it to your COMMUNITY and have ACCOUNTABILITY.


    Last April, I decided I want to run a Marathon (a full one) and gave myself 1 year to do it. Now I’m far away from reaching that by next April, but I have also come a long way since my starting point (I do 25% of a full Marathon easily, which is around 10 kilometers – 6.2 miles). Since it will be my first Marathon, I’m not focusing on speed (time), but I still would like to do it with an acceptable time duration. Going from always making an excuse (in the past) about my chronic knee pain when asked why I’m not actively doing any sports or working out, to wanting to run a Marathon is a good start – but it’s only a start. I have many years to make up for not doing sports and being disrespectful to my body.

    I can’t wait to reach Joseph Campbell’s – The Power of Myth – book on dear Tom’s Reading List (soon). That’s one of the books that dear Tom speaks so highly of and mentions that it changed his life. From what I have gathered it’s about the importance of RITUALS. I have chosen running a Marathon as a RITUAL CEREMONY to show my body that I RESPECT it and will never disrespect it and will truly honor it.

    The picture of the Mentor is here in front of me today to REMIND me of this:


    Whether you PUT IN THE WORK or you don’t, whether you stand by what YOU SAY YOU WILL DO, or you don’t, whether you “Screw Yourself Over” or NOT, THE MENTOR WILL ALWAYS KNOW!

    If you don’t like this post, please just ignore it, and repeat a POSITIVE phrase 3 times in your mind to feel POSITIVE and move on.

    I’m writing this for that 1 person that I might affect, that 1 person to either do the same to write a post like this in a vulnerable way or encourage them to make a change even if it is just to go for 1 run.

    To end on a happy note:

    Tom: “…so for all of you crazy people that get an endorphin rush from running, I hate you all!”

    I hope he doesn’t hate me.

    P.S. I hope you saw Tom in the photo.