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  • Nima Noghrehkar

    November 7, 2021 at 11:02 am

    Week 2 <div>

    Life Category: Career

    1. What is the right company for me?

    • My thought process and my current belief:

    o Nima, more than two years ago you felt empty, shallow, and decided to go on an educational leave/sabbatical. Your journey of self-discovery started by reflecting on “Know Thyself”. In trying to find yourself, you lost yourself, something your Mentor had warned you NOT to do in his Inspirational Tom Bilyeu quotes: {not verbatim} along the lines of: “Don’t spend time trying to tear down the old, start building instead”. Emphasizing on not getting stuck in the past, moving forward.

    o After trying different personal development programs and courses. Last year you started with Impact Theory University. Since then you have been operating on a different level, you upped your league. Yes, you did fall back to your old default factory settings, but with the Grace of God, learning to Love Yourself THE MOST, with the Love of your family, and most importantly the UNRELENTING GUIDANCE of your dear Mentor, you are now CHANGED. You have not only AWAKENED and stopped sleepwalking your way through life, but you also now have a brand-new MINDSET.

    o You have recently decided to go back to a full-time job. But it’s different this time. You are not chasing a corporate job with a corporate title, to wear suits and ties, you are seeking a company with a Vision and Mission that you believe in so much, that you would dedicate your entire life to and retire there.

    o You are seeking THE Growth Mindset TEAM, not A Growth Mindset Team.

    o Now in my current universe, I only know of 1 company with such a Vision, Mission and TEAM. Do you know who they are?

    o They are The New House of Ideas. They have a University. Together they EMPOWER PEOPLE.

    2. What fuels me about my work?

    • Not long ago I was stuck in The Matrix. The idea of waking up every morning and working at serving others through making possible for them what became possible for me gives me a feeling of FULLFILLMENT, one I have never felt before.

    3. What am I meant to be doing?

    • Personal Growth is my highest priority. By working for my dear Mentor, his dearest Partner and the one and only Extraordinary TEAM, I will be challenged daily at a level that is unbeknownst to most individuals and companies. This will help me in my highest priority.

    • Now, I want to grow daily so I can serve daily. Serve MYSELF, MY FAMILY, MY TEAM, and HUMANITY and CONCIOUSNESS.

    • I’m meant to contribute to the growth of Impact Theory company through focusing on Impact Theory University and it’s amazing COMMUNITY, by being fully present for them and facilitating their exit of The Matrix by providing a FIRST CLASS SERVICE.

    4. Do I want to go in a completely different direction with my career?

    • YES, from consulting to coaching to serving the COMMUNITY.

    5. How could I take the job I’m in, to a new level?

    • By always be learning new ideas and skills and most important taking actions on them. By seeing myself as an employee who is becoming a Linchpin through desire, fascination, perseverance, GRIT, and UNRELENTING ATTITUDE and WORK ETHIC.

    Remember II=IO

    Life Category: Dating Life

    1. What are you looking for in the potential date?

    • Physical Attraction is of highest importance. I’m attracted to girls who are beautiful and are tall. {I want something I’m not, and I’m ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT in expressing it. I’m 170 cm that’s 5.6 feet.} I prefer blondes, but beauty is not expressed or limited in hair and skin color. I like a girl who takes care of herself.

    • Intellectual Attraction is almost par to Physical Attraction. I find intellectually rich, confident, successful girls (independent), very attractive. I look for someone who is driven to act daily towards their ultimate life purpose. Now this does not mean I don’t like to take care my dates or girlfriend.

    • Now since I’m only looking to date at this stage of my life, these two criteria will suffice. If I were looking for a committed long-term relationship with potential for marriage, I would have a long list of values, ethics, beliefs (referring to non-religious beliefs), future mother material and others.

    2. How would you go about finding your dates?

    • I’m not on any social platforms, dating sites or apps. I like the traditional face to face conversation not swiping to find a match or approaching a person through random profiles.

    • My current lifestyle doesn’t allow me to go out much, except when I’m at the gym or working from a café. And when I’m working out, or working, that’s all I’m doing.

    • Are you getting the idea why this life category is my second one on my list of only 2? ????

    • I’m facing a challenge that I seek a solution to. I shall ask my dear Mentor.

    3. What aspects of it requires the most attention right now?

    • Presence of the opposite sex in my life.

    • SEX

    • Synergies of going to events with your plus 1.

    4. What are your BRIGHT LINES around dating?

    • I will not be a CHASER. And I was that for a period up until recently.

    • I will remain a GENTLEMAN and will not resort to methods that fall under reverse Psychology mind games, to be perceived as an Alpha Male. Now if anyone is reading, please note I wrote the book on the mind games. (so full of myself right now, but I’ve been doing all week’s challenges in 1 day and I’m not stopping until I finish Week 4)

    • I would go an extra mile if I chose to for a girl, but a healthy relationship (even at a dating stage) has a 50/50 percent contribution ratio. By contribution I’m not referring to monetary contribution.

    • No dating someone who is simultaneously dating a dozen of people and is treating you like how AI treats a data sample.

    • If the girl lives more in her virtual reality (Social Media Wonderland), let her live there, she is not for me to date.

    • If the girl reads my list here and has any reaction other than respecting me for knowing what I want and standing by my STANDARDS AND PRINCIPLES, let her have her reaction. She is not for me to date.

    5. How can you take your dating life to a new level?

    • Get honest, constructive feedback from likeminded community about this life category.

    • Seek my Mentor’s advice.

    • Invest a portion of my reading and learning time to my dating life.