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  • Jayson

    November 3, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    (oops, I posted this in the wrong spot…)

    Spiritual – Deep breathing and meditation for 20 minutes every morning (between my first and second alarm), and 20 minutes before sleep.

    Ongoing goal – no end date.


    -Have a set bedtime and a set time for waking up, that also factors in the time I need to meditate. (Meditate 10pm. Bed 10:30. Alarm rings 6:20am – meditate. Start the day at 6:45am).

    -Mornings are easier because I have alarms set up to help me.

    -Evenings are hard because I want to get something done (not necessarily something important), and it creeps into my ideal meditation / bedtime (10pm).
    -So plan to stop what I’m doing by 9:30pm, get ready for bed/meditate.

    -Track my start time. (Is it on schedule)?
    -Find a way to reward myself (each week) for starting each night at my ideal time.

    Intellectual – For one year, daily, watch one Impact Theory University Business or Mindset section, and then spend 20 minutes afterwards applying that information in my life.


    -Have a set time each day to do this (start time not determined yet)

    -Apply Tom’s ABL (Always Be Learning), and have my device set up so I can learn random times throughout the day (currently I only use my laptop and it’s set up in one area).

    -Joining an accountability group or two would be a good idea.

    Physical – Continue doing this routine at work (before work, during my 2 coffee breaks and at lunch -> a total of 4x / work day) 25 push-ups, 8 min of stairs, 25 more push-ups.
    Ongoing goal – no end date.
    [I need to come up with something for the weekend. My plans fall apart when there is no daily structure in place (like weekends/holidays)].

    I don’t have a specific goal to reach. My issue is with consistency. I’m generally healthy, don’t need to lose weight. Don’t want to gain a bunch of muscle (ie not willing to increase my food budget and eat enough calories required to gain muscle).

    -The structure is already in place. I just have to do it 4 times a day, every work day.

    -Set up a reward system if I complete 18 or more (out of 20) mini-workouts a week.

    -As it gets easier, find ways to make it more challenging, but also stay within the short time schedule (at most 13 minutes during coffee breaks, up to 25 min for lunch).

    Write daily for 30 min.
    (This would be my most important goal, so it’s interesting I put it last).
    In 4 weeks (by Nov 28h), have 2 or more articles written to a standard I’d be happy to post online. And post it.


    -After morning meditation, make this my first daily activity. Do most important things first.

    -Have a set time to do it, and make sure I have enough time available between getting up and starting work.

    -(Need to change the “30 minutes” goal to a number of words written each day)

    -(I already have a lot of ideas ready and written down). The night before have an outline written out so the next morning I can start writing immediately on topic.