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  • Jayson

    November 1, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    Spiritual – Deep breathing and meditation for 20 minutes every morning (between my first and second alarm). (Ongoing goal – no end date).

    Intellectual – Daily, watch one Impact Theory University Business or Mindset section, and then spend 20 minutes afterwards applying that information in my life. (Ongoing goal – no end date).

    Physical – Continue doing this routine at work (before work, during my 2 coffee breaks and at lunch -> a total of 4x / work day) 25 push-ups, 8 min of stairs, 25 more push-ups. (Ongoing goal – no end date). [I need to come up with something for the weekend. My plans fall apart when there is no daily structure in place (like weekends/holidays)].

    Write daily for 30 min. In 4 weeks (by Nov 28h), have 2 or more articles (300-500+ words) written to a standard I’d be happy to post online.