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  • Lady L .

    October 29, 2021 at 4:08 am

    Darren! Lady L from Sydney, thanks for sharing!

    I love that you’ve pasted in all of your categories. I did the same too, and now after reading yours I realise that it can be a lot for other people to reply to… so I’ve chosen the 1 category I resonate most with 🙂


    To create a state of being that resolved all traumatic experiences and is in a state of peace and present

    In one of the ITU examples it describes WHY they serve, WHO they serve, and HOW:

    “Be a person who supports (WHY) her family (WHO) through active listening, demonstrating empathy and following through on her promises” (HOW)

    Your mission describes the Why but it’s missing Who you serve and How you do that.

    If it were my mission based on my own trauma, this is how it’d sound:

    To meditate and journal every day for 10 minutes each (HOW) to bring to light and then release each traumatic experience one by one so that I can feel a sense of inner peace (WHY) and help others feel calm around me too (WHO)

    Writing that ???? helped me gain clarity with one of my own statements lol

    Can you include in your spiritual mission:

    – How you’re going to resolve it?

    – Who you serve other than yourself?

    I hope that helped. Good luck bro!