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  • Lady L .

    October 29, 2021 at 3:43 am

    Ann! Lady L from Sydney, thanks for sharing!

    I love the simple single sentence that’s very easy to read!

    – I understand this is a personal goal, but does it also serve anyone in particular? A specific person or group people other than yourself?

    – Also, why did you choose 20 years? As Tom says, if you think it’s going to take that long, it will. So instead he’s always aiming to reach the long-term goal in 6 months. Even if it’s realistic, I think 20 years is too long

    – And what does maximise health mean for you exactly?

    I think something specific will give you more clarity. If this were my mission, this is how it would sound:

    Maximise my health beginning with a 10-minute brisk walk at 8am everyday and eating 1 extra cup of vegetables for dinner so that in 12 weeks I’ll have the confidence to lead a local walking group once every 2 weeks to share our positive experiences about daily exercise and healthy food options

    It’s way longer than your original mission but it’s specific about the Who I serve, Why I care and How I’ll do it.

    I hope that helps?