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  • Lady L .

    October 29, 2021 at 3:02 am

    Nick! Lady L from Sydney. Thanks for sharing!

    Your mission describes such a beautiful, ideal goal and that’s one of my statements also. But it needs to serve others and to be “kept tight” as Tom says – 1 sentence.

    In one of the ITU examples below it describes WHY they serve, WHO they serve, and HOW:

    “Be a person who supports (WHY) her family (WHO) through active listening, demonstrating empathy and following through on her promises” (HOW)

    My example below is flipped and could use more specificity, but might be useful for you:

    “Choose 1 thing to implement on the same day that I learn it (HOW) to gain a deeper understanding (WHY) and to share this experience with others”(WHO)

    Can you rewrite your mission in 1 sentence that also addresses who you serve?

    Good luck bro!