Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity WEEK 2: What Is Important To Me? Reply To: WEEK 2: What Is Important To Me?

  • Preethi Christina Paul

    October 28, 2021 at 2:02 pm


    1.What is the priority in terms of making you healthy physically? Getting healthy and fit. eating healthy and working out consistently. making health as a non negotiable . choosing a diet and sticking to it.

    2.What is the priority in terms of making you healthy mentally? health and fitness as a lifestyle. enjoy the journey while getting to a fit lifestyle. delayed gratification.

    3.What habits are you cultivating/breaking out of to become healthy? working out daily. more mindful while eating. starting and stopping a diet. thinking health and fitness as lifestyle. pushing my comfort-zone or boundaries.

    4.What support do you need in order to be healthy? just awareness and before making a choice asking urself if this helps u to get to ur goal and also when u feel like going of the plan being more accountable. telling urself that if u do this once chances are you might do more. so stick to the original plan. be patient.

    5. What were the biggest setbacks holding you back from being healthy and how will you propel forward? addictive emotional eating. knowing that short term indulgence will not give long term happiness. enjoying the delayed gratification or being out of comfortzone rather than looking for comfort.