Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity WEEK 2: What Is Important To Me? Reply To: WEEK 2: What Is Important To Me?

  • Siyabonga Noyakaza

    October 25, 2021 at 1:07 am

    1. – What is stopping you from attaining the health you say you want? Not having enough money

    2. – What excuses do you use when you fail to stick to something and why? I was hungry and I had to eat otherwise I was going to binge. I did not have enough time and that is why I did not meditate.

    3. – What limiting beliefs might be at play here? I do not have enough money

    4. – What do you enjoy about improving your health? Learning

    5. – Do you feel you are missing out on something, if so what? Yes, Crossfit and trail runs. Keep telling myself I’m not fit enough.