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  • Anthony

    October 24, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Thx Chris. It’s such a cool feeling to see questions mirrored back, with someone else’s answers. Since I wrote my answers, I found a volunteer option for our youngest son to help with gratitude: Special Olympics. We considered feeding the homeless, and a few others, but the special Olympics one seemed to resonate the best. With respect to spirituality, my wife and I have had the same challenge. We have raised our sons without organized religion; mostly focusing on science in our lifestyle, and openly discussing Buddhism, which is more psychology than religion. This exercise actually helped me get back in touch with my own spirituality (nature based). I modified my Sunday hike routine to include a spiritual component. Eventually this will rub off on our sons I think. But its challenging to teach spirituality without the dogma of a particular religion. For anyone reading this that is into a particular religion, peace to you and whatever path makes the most sense. One thing I’ve always told my kids is: a person could spend an entire lifetime just learning how to be a good person, without any kind of organized religion. The task is so challenging it takes a life of pursuit. Anyhow, thanks for honoring me with your answers!