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  • Fraser Logan

    October 24, 2021 at 11:51 am

    ITU Week 2 – Family – Adams questions adapted to my family

    What are some of the ways I can influence my family?

    I can influence my family by working as hard as I can in sport ,fitness, business and on a day to day basis by eating as healthy as possible and by pushing myself to learn new recipes and healthier ways to cook.

    What do I want my sisters to learn from me?

    I want Sisters to learn from me that hard work will pay off

    What routines would help my family grow?

    During lockdown me and my sisters all worked out together on video calls and I know my sisters want to start that back up again. I could message them to arrange a couple of times a week when we could workout together. I could also email them the workout plan at the start of the week so that when anyone has something on they can do the workout at a time that works for them.

    How can I connect more with my Mum and my Sisters?

    We can go on an active holiday next September, something like Centre Parcs or Switzerland where we are all getting out participating in things like tennis ,swimming ,biking and hiking together.

    When I look back, what will I wish I had done more of?

    Catch up (What’s App, Call ,Email) with my Mum and my Sisters on a weekly basis. Yearly family holidays