Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity Week 2 – Categories and Questions Reply To: Week 2 – Categories and Questions

  • Ann Morgester

    October 24, 2021 at 10:40 am

    — Does this activity move me closer to obtaining and/or maintaining the lifestyle I’d like to achieve?

    *This will require me to get very specific about what I want to achieve – I need to define that much better now that I am retired and don’t have a specific job at the moment.

    – Are there more efficient occupations that I can engage in that are more closely aligned with my talents, character, and predilections?

    *This is a good question – I am thinking about crafting and using my passion for knitting and crochet and figuring out how I can do something that improves the world in some way.

    – do these occupations give me more energy than they require?

    * definitely. I retired just over a year ago and hadn’t realized how much my job was draining my energy. Making things that people can use and love is much more sustaining than draining.

    – How do I keep my focus on these occupations without neglecting them?

    *I have actually developed a schedule that makes sure that I make time for all the things I need to do including crafting, chores, cooking, family etc.

    – How do I know when to say no and when to say yes?

    * Like Tom I have to make a clear priority list so that when conflicts arise I can make the correct choice. Right now Family is the 1st priority – then crafting.