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  • chris.yee Unknown

    October 24, 2021 at 8:57 am

    thanks Anthony for these action oriented and provocative questions about our kids:

    Questions from Anthony:


    1. What memories can I create that they will cherish forever?

    Creating something of value together. Something that helps people. Something my girls are interested in doing.

    Doing challenging fun things together: 1 week kayak trip, partly foraging from the sea Travelling and hiking in a country meeting people from small villages Using our skills, time, and energy impacting a communities’ mindset so that they create some even greater for their community

    2. Have I set the right example in the various areas of their lives? If not, what areas can use some improvement, and how? The right example?

    Yes, taking on new challenges

    Yes, doing what I love

    Yes, willingness to work out emotionally challenging situations

    Yes, cooking for fun and health

    Yes, loving caring relationship with wife and children

    Could use some work: Generosity with others Followup and checking in on those i care Getting out doors Staying consistent with developing a skill (guitar, singing, teaching on social media platform)

    Creating new friendships

    3. Review the following categories and evaluate your performance as a father for your kids:

    a. their physical health;

    Needs work on their physical endurance, hardiness, skill development, love of movement

    b. their ability to face adversity; Emotional adversity doing pretty good Physical adversity needs work Focus not bad Trying really hard, but still losing or it not being the outcome they wanted…. Needs work

    c. their ability to have a growth mindset; Could do better on helping them with their journaling Still learning how to deal with “losing” and not seeing this as a growth opportunity

    d. their ability to love and give, freely and openly;

    Giving love is good to closest in the family Needs help with acknowledgement and appreciation to those that support them

    Generosity with helping at school i think is good

    Giving freely to help someone…. This might be getting better as we bring it more to their awareness as to how they are capable of helping others.

    I could do better with believing in my own skills to help, and my own abundance to give.

    e. their ability to go into the world, make some money, and be self-sufficient

    Working on their feeling of capability to see and take action in helping others with their current skill set (washing dishes, cooking, house chores, helping other kids at school)

    Their ability to set goals and accomplish them

    Their willingness to imagine something big and get after it

    f. their spiritual health

    This is a great question.

    How can i model spiritual health when we do not have the structure of religion to follow?

    Meditation, gratitude, forgiveness, staying open to god’s word, community, recognizing our higher power

    g. their gratitude

    We could restart our gratitude practices at dinner

    Before our activities

    4. what are two things/habits/actions that I can take this week to show them a radical pivot on some position, habit, attitude, etc?

    What can I do to surprise them and show them an example of an adult that can make a 180 degree change in a short period?

    1) Embrace the challenge of my project with hard work, focused attention, while enjoying the process. Do time and energy intensive things with enjoyment

    2) Do physically challenging things in the house consistently and regularly

    5. How can I show both my daughters to understand the suffering of those less fortunate than them? Identify two actions for each one that would do this, and implement both of them in the month of October.

    Walk and talk to some of the homeless people living in the international district, support them in some way Learn more about how girls and women are experiencing life in other countries based on beliefs and governmental policies (pakistan, afghanistan, egypt, saudi arabia, china, japan, bali)