Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity WEEK 2: What Is Important To Me? Reply To: WEEK 2: What Is Important To Me?

  • Alex Letourneau

    October 23, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Life categories


    1. Why do I want to be an entrepreneur

    2. What skills do I need if I want to be an entrepreneur?

    3. What unique skills do I have?

    4. How do I get money to work for me rather than having to work for money?

    5. How are the skills that I’m gaining right now going to help me later on.


    1. If I did not have to work for money what would I want to be doing?

    2. What additional habits would be helpful to instill?

    3. What things would I be better off if I stopped doing?

    4. What do I want to be proud of on my deathbed

    5. What would an ideal day look like?


    1. How do I develop my identity around the values that actually matter and are non RSTLNE?

    2. How do I create a routine around living within my values and ensuring that I live by those?

    3. Am I currently living life in accordance to my values?

    4. How to audit whether I am living by my values on a monthly basis

    5. What things am I willing to give up?


    1. What does my ideal future family look like?

    2. What types of things do I envision doing with a family?

    3. What would my parents be most proud of that I am doing?

    4. How can I give back to my family?

    5. What am I looking forward to about having a family?


    1. How do I define health?

    2. Am I more physically fit this year than last?

    3. Is CrossFit the right way to continue to work on fitness during the week?

    4. What will long term physical health enable for me to do with family?

    5. What things can I do to improve my health?