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  • Răzvan Puiu

    October 21, 2021 at 6:07 am

    I’m NOT an architect but I struggle with clarity in the same area, so I thought it might be fun to answer these questions.

    1: As an architect I would definitely look into sustainable buildings. Probably the first step would be passive houses, then buildings that use recycled materials, then 3D printing using sequestered carbon. And a cool innovation would be a building that extracts carbon from the atmosphere and also produces food for the residents (let me know if I got too far 🙂 ).

    2: I would probably set specific metrics and monitor them over time, then on each project I would try to optimise on those metrics without sacrificing quality. For example a material might be a bit more expensive than another but over time the cost of the building might go lower.

    3: By implementing point 2 🙂

    4: In my case I would involve my family in what I do. My aim is to run the business along with my spouse. In your case it might be super fun for a child to be involved in building a model for one of your projects.

    5: My ideal job would combine nature and technology to build a solution for one of the climate issues.

    6: A good exercise for this point is to visualise your perfect day step by step during the morning meditation. I found this super powerful.