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  • Claire Garlick

    October 21, 2021 at 3:01 am

    As part two of the challenge I believe we are supposed to answer someone else’s questions so here goes! My ideal relationship is one that is founded in mutual respect and love. Where each of us wants the best for the other. Where it’s not about control or clinging it’s about helping them to live out their best life.

    My ideal relationship with myself is giving myself grace when I don’t live up to my own plans while holding myself accountable to truly living by design and not by default.

    The relationship that brings me the most joy is the one I have with my husband. I truly do crave the time we spend together.

    My love language is definitely touch and gifts of service. I am pretty good at identifying others if I know them well enough.

    The skill for this category might be communication. How to really build it in to all my relationships focusing on making them better.