Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity Week 2 Reply To: Week 2

  • Anthony

    October 20, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    I like your questions (much more streamlined than the ones I created for myself).

    Here’s how I would answer them:

    1. What would be the most satisfying day and what intention do I set to create it?

    – After constructing a new green building, with accompanying green tech garden, construction wraps up with a client meeting where the project is wrapped up. Followed by demobilization of all on-site construction equipment, and a big freakin party for the team at some fun restaurant with live music, a cool ocean view, and Uber rides home (lol).

    2. What are the 3 big wins I want to accomplish at work?

    – grow a company to the point where it can continue with momentum behind it, instead of being stuck in the blast-off phase.

    – provide services that clients praise and openly recommend to others.

    – become the kind of owner required to have such a successful business.

    3. What is the next skill to develop and how can I activate/incorporate it immediately?

    – Completely transition to CEO mode versus work mode. I’m currently working on projects, along with my other staff, in order to keep cashflow going. I can’t do that tomorrow, but I can get my next guy approved to take my place on an upcoming project.

    4. How do I streamline my morning routine to set up my day for success and tighten up each task?

    Its already streamlined to the bone; but what needs to be perfected is writing the goals the NIGHT BEFORE, and not waiting until the morning.

    5. If I was to go in a completely different direction, what feels the most thrilling and daring?

    A complete shift would be to become a fulltime crypto investor. Also include other financial investments. So basically a full-time financial investor (working off my laptop all over the place).