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  • Nayaba Sesay

    October 17, 2021 at 5:20 pm

    Week 1 responses:


    What activities give me energy?
    Working out and spending time on personal development. Helping others reach their full potential so they can create the life they often only dream of.


    What do I want to be remembered for?
    Changing the trajectory of my lineage and helping others do the same for thief family. I want to free my family from the “system” and give them the freedom that comes with having options in life where they can create life on their own terms.

    Inspiring People

    Who are the three successful people I admire?
    Kelly Jefferson, Tom Bilyeu, Myron Golden


    What makes me feel good? Daily progress towards my goals; Self-care; Giving myself grace. Helping others fills my cup.

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