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  • Richard Sengfelder

    October 17, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Richard here from Germany. Glad to meet all of you. Here are my answers

    Person: What activities give me energy:
    – This is a mixture of outside actions and inside action. Meaning the right balance between standing in front of people and teaching them dance moves and sitting alone at home reading a good book or just sitting on my couch doing nothing and letting my thoughts run wild. On a specific level the following activities are currently giving me energy: 1. Teaching dance lessons with interactive people who are there to learn and have a good time 2. reading a good book in silence 3. sitting in silence and just letting my thoughts flow. 4. running.

    Legacy: What do I want to be remembered for?

    – Being a badass motherfucker who built his dream life with his own hands. Who got whatever the fuck he wanted, simply by learning, doing the dirty work nobody wants to do, working a lot of hours and building a network nobody has ever seen before.

    Inspiring people: What do those I admire have in common with one another?

    – Discipline, focus, drive, No Bullshit, Relentlessness for their own goals They all have a strong foundation which they are now able to build upon

    Lifestyle: What do I need to do more of that would make me feel better about myself?
    – Doing hard things. Doing the dirty work in my business nobody wants to do, in general working more on my own projects, saying no if I don’t want to 100%