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  • Tom Goettl

    October 17, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    Hey, I’m Tom from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    I’m excited to join this challenge to gain more clarity in a few areas of my life: Purpose, Business, Relationships.

    Purpose: My life is going well overall but I feel it’s lacking a clear direction and purpose. While I’m spiritual and gain great enjoyment through my business’ purpose, I really feel like I have much more to give and define my Why much better.

    Business: I’m co-owner of a recruiting and staffing company that has done well, however, we’re struggling for consistent growth. We’re on a mission to grow by 225% over three years and while doing so, make an impact on our community through our Response-Ability charity campaign. Growth is stagnant even while the team’s morale and sense of purpose are very high.

    Relationships: My interpersonal relationships with my partner, business partners, and friends seem to be stressed lately. I receive feedback that my communication style could be empowering and as encouraging as it could be. I’ve always thought I was a happy-go-lucky, upbeat person, yet lately, I’m getting honest feedback that this isn’t the case. I’d like to be an uplifting, happier person for myself and everyone around me.

    Cheers to all and looking forward to growing together during the challenge!