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  • Bav Kudhail

    October 17, 2021 at 6:00 am

    Hi all, my name is Bav from the UK.

    I joined ITU because I ended up in a self-imposed hole to me making poor decisions that were driven by my fixed mindset and unconscious motivations.

    I graduated from Architecture, love design, but became disillusioned with the career and left after 12-months. In hindsight, I understand that a main driver causing me to leave was my fixed mindset, my motivation was not to learn, but to prove my adequacy. I then left and attempted to start a property business, however, I did not change my mindset and this also led to a stagnation. Since joining ITU, I have had the framework to understand my past decisions and not beat myself up over them. I know that I enjoy design and desire a field with creative contribution. I am currently exploring programming, (web-dev/game-dev) as well as 3D design for Virtual reality, as well as exploring careers within the Architectural field.

    It is clear to me, that my current focus is very scattered, and that it is not possible to explore all of the careers at once. My goal for this challenge is to build crystal clear clarity regarding my career path. And transform my scattered energy into a laser like focus.

    Looking forward to being on this journey with you all!