Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity WEEK 1: Finding Connection to Your Inner Self Reply To: WEEK 1: Finding Connection to Your Inner Self

  • Mona Mandour

    October 17, 2021 at 12:58 am

    After 7 days of replying to the same questions every day, and getting different answers each time, I realised that my responses are a reflection of superficial effects but at the same time have a common theme that is deeper. I love this

    Here are my consolidated answers:


    1. I get energy from outdoor group activities involving movement and that matter

    2. I get bored by “inaction”, monotony, useless action

    3. I would never cheat, cause intentional harm to others, or steal ideas of others

    4. I lose sense of time when I am engaged in art and creative activities, and researching information.

    5. I’ve always been interested in dance and movement since childhood, and exploring places

    6. The word “interest” (other than reminding me of banking ????) makes me think of reading and watching documentaries, and that’s exciting

    7. I’m willing to coach youth to give them skills to navigate life for no money

    8. I don’t mind doing financial coaching if the payoff is A LOT of money


    1. I want to be remembered for inspiring people with useful ideas – making a difference in people’s lives

    2. I’d be very proud of myself if I contribute to empowering women by letting them know their worth

    3. I don’t want people to say that I’m hateful or I wasted my life, or that I’m not authentic

    4. I’d like people to think of me as fun, kind, courageous

    Inspiring People

    1. I admire: Brooke Castillo, James Wedmore and Tom Bilyeu

    2. They are efficient at work, very focused, passionate, making an impact, with a sense of humour and successful financially

    3. They’re all online entrepreneurs who are real – they fall and get up, they are authentic

    4. I feel I have similar hunger of success, and views on life – that we’re here to live, play and do


    1, I feel good when I spend time with people who give me support and love and when I journal

    2. Physical care gives me energy – eating well, sleeping well, moving my body, dancing, showers, etc

    3. I almost always regret wasting time out of fear

    4. I feel I need to give myself more love, dance more and be courageous