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  • Mehdi Bellatig

    October 15, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    Hi everyone, I’m Mehdi;

    I’m a digital entrepreneur, have been all my life; with an early success (a nice little exit at 27) that made me think life would be easy and my money problem would be taken care of; that was not counting on my hidden money limiting beliefs (from my parents & relatives: “people that have a lot of money stole it from the poor”); I spent it all (not to be considered a thief I guess), made some more, and spent it all again, made some more, and spent it all again..

    I seem to yo-yo between broke and $100k on the bank account.. which is the number I subconsciously think is all I need to live my dream life (= by the beach, in Havaianas top-tank and shorts somewhere in Mexico), so the work becomes the obstacle to my dreams and I just stop pushing, until I go broke again, and have to rebuild it all.

    This has changed a lot since I discovered Tom and his content in 2018, it has really been transformative, and I have long term plans and goals for the first time, and even managed to save up more than $100k for the first in my life (eureka moment came from reading “profit first”: make saving more exciting than spending, tracking and gamifying my savings did the trick for me!)..

    Only to reinvest it all ???? in the tech startup I’m building now, with a business partner, who’s driving me crazy, and the subject of the startup (shopping assistant with anti-scam feature & price aggregator features) is not particularly exciting to me, but thanks to Tom I have learned to push through the hard times and became quite proud of my productivity and ability to “DO” (my favorite IT shirt) and to lead big teams into creating substantial value, that I hope will concretize itself into value for me.

    I have tried to quit the startup at least twice, only to change my mind, because of the sunk cost fallacy, I invested too much money and time, and we’re very close to seeing what it can do (Q4 is huge for e-commerce, and we finally have the apps live with all the features).. so I decided to give it all my energy until the end of 2021 and decide what to do about it; but my heart definitely wants to quit it because I don’t enjoy it, and I learned by now that nothing happens on the timeline I think it will (this will make me millions in 3 years then I’ll be free), and the topic of delayed happiness has been popping up all over the place for me (Huberman ITU interview, Naval on Joe Rogan, etc..), I realized that I can’t live like this, with the constant unhappiness and just “biting it until it pays off”, just chasing the money..

    I’ve been chasing the money for so long now, close to 10years, I finally believe that the struggle is guaranteed, the success is not, so I want to struggle less, I want to enjoy what I do more.

    I joined the clarity challenge because I definitely need clarity on what to do beyond this year; I want to put the startup aside mentally during this challenge, and just explore freely and see if I can find out what I’d really like to be doing in the long run, what would I love doing even if I was failing at it or making no money at all, better yet, what do I like so much that I would pay to do it? what is “play” for me that can have value in the marketplace?

    Let’s see .. 🙂


    PS : I didn’t plan for this to be this long.. I guess I should journal more often to take things off my chest.