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  • Lady L .

    October 15, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    What activities give me energy?

    Fitness – physical activity that’s fast, intentional and fun

    Family – being around people who make me feel valued for just being me

    Loving others -that I get to share all of me in a non-judgemental environment

    Being loved back – that I can feel others want me here and that my time here is valuable to someone else

    Rest – being alone with my thoughts, in peace and quiet helps me reset, recentre and recharge

    Meditation – I get to disconnect from this world and reconnect with my inner world and where I really come from

    Playing – with my little ones, and having a great time making things up

    Laughing – finding something so entertaining and getting lost in that laughter to the point where my face hurts and I don’t need to do any core work lol

    Learning by doing something I enjoy e.g. learning a new exercise or dance move

    Things where I can get my body involved that feels fun