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  • Anthony

    October 15, 2021 at 2:55 pm

    Hey Darren. Don’t worry about adding me to your accountability group; I have plenty on my plate already. So you have this great idea. Elon is also thinking of it along with a bunch of others. So seems to me your biggest task is just the mechanics of it all. I read a story about two young guys who started a small charter school back east…..and then just grew it organically. Primarily for underprivileged kids. It really took off and now they have a waiting list. Their approach was old school: massive structure and discipline, wit lots of tutoring and afterschool activities. Not sure what state your in. Would opening a completely unique charter school be an option? You would need some partners to develop the curriculum, etc. You would also need to dance with the devil a bit (get it approved by School Boards which are highly threatened by this kind of thing). Just brainstorming. I’m in the Facebook groups as ATMaximus. Just call or DM me if you want to drag me into any discussions. Cheers