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  • Anthony

    October 14, 2021 at 1:47 pm

    Hi Miranda!

    For your answer on Lifestyle, second bullet: a practice I learned to do, and taught to my kids was to ask “why NOT me?” Actually, I use a lot of profanity when I ask it of myself (lol). Whey the hell not? Why the F_ck shouldn’t that be me. Why should I sit around and watch others that are less qualified, or even more qualified, achieve what I could be achieving. It took years for me to realize that the people I was often jealous of weren’t any more talented, and didn’t deserve it any more than I did. They just went after it more aggressively and believed they deserved it. While I felt less deserving in my head. Until the day I got mad enough to feel I had a right to amazing things to, and “why not me”. Yes, you, me, we all deserve everything! Everything we are willing to work for that is. Cheers!