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  • Darren Stoddart

    October 14, 2021 at 11:57 am

    Hey Florian,

    I whole heartedly agree with a few major points here, we absolutely can not let industry leaders and government’s dictate what we should be learning, there’s so much evidence that they censor knowledge that they deem to be unnecessary for us, as you pointed out if we are independent free thinkers we are almost impossible to control.

    part of what we should be teaching is values as you stated, and not being scared of allowing them into the system.

    Personal i love aspects of the Unlearning movement, more so the let people pursue what they are interested in, give them a few core subjects that important but give them all the choice within that if i had a child i would suggest learning languages, but leave them open to what ones they want and they provide the necessary resources.

    as Tom is always saying open 1000+ doors for the child whilst they’re young and let them close the ones they don’t resonate with, don’t as a parent, teacher or society close the doors because we don’t like them.