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  • Olivia Williams

    October 12, 2021 at 4:19 am

    Hi y’all! I’m Olivia and I’m looking forward to kicking off my second year with ITU. I joined last year in August when I was feeling overwhelmed with a new role at work and a shifting living enviornment. (Who else can relate????????‍♀️ ?!)

    The ITU Mindset courses helped me understand how my limiting beliefs at the time were preventing my best (conscious) efforts from sticking with my goals. I needed to quickly grow into a role that required confidence and quick decision-making skills to manage a global portfolio of products when the company was facing several raw material challenges and I needed to launch two new products within 1 year of joining.

    With this Clarity Challenge, I’m looking forward to getting closer to my ideal future state: an upgraded self-narrative that is clearly tied to critical skills I’ve been building upon this year. At the moment, I feel pulled in different directions, and this challenge will provide me the accountability to (1) realign with my 5 yr goals, (2) have a clearer opportunity decision tree, and (3) 100% go after my Q4 professional and personal goals.