Front Page ITU Voices 6 Weeks to Clarity WEEK 1: Finding Connection to Your Inner Self Reply To: WEEK 1: Finding Connection to Your Inner Self

  • Jayson

    October 11, 2021 at 10:33 pm


    1. What activities give me energy?
    Writing. Coming up with creative ideas. Dancing (I’m not a good dancer, but I don’t care). Goofing off and having fun.
    2. What bores me?
    I don’t get bored. (There is too much to do in the world).
    3. What don’t I want to do, no matter the payoff?
    Public speaking. Being in front of a camera. (I’d prefer to clean toilets, honestly). Being in crowds (ie more than 2 people).
    4. What is the thing I do where I lose a sense of time?

    5. What have I been interested in since childhood?
    “Thinking” activities D&D, writing, non fiction reading.
    6. What is the first thing you think of when you read the word “interest”?

    7. What am I willing to do for no money?
    Write. Help others if I see them asking for help. Fix your roof. Help you move.

    8. What would I only do for a lot of money?
    I’m not motivated by money (or materialistic things).


    1. What do I want to be remembered for?
    I want my kids to be happy and be able to take care of themselves.

    2. What contributions can I make to society that I would be most proud of?

    3. What do I want to make sure people never say about me?
    (You can’t control what people think. Even the nicest person will get hate by someone…)

    4. What are three words I want people to think of me?
    Kind. Happy. I like being around him.
    Sometimes he makes me laugh.

    Inspiring People

    1. Who are the three successful people I admire?
    2 managers, and my dad, and my step-dad. Wow, now that I’m a dad, I realize how hard it is, and they both did an amazing job. I want to ask them how they did it, but they are gone.
    2. What are those people doing that I admire?
    Managers and dads – looking out for you. Being fair. Expecting you to live up to your potential.

    3. What do those I admire have in common with one another?
    (see above)

    4. What do I have in common with that list of people?
    I look out for others. I want people to reach their goals.

    5. Who is the most supportive person in my life?
    My current manager and my son (16 years old).


    1. What makes me feel good?
    I generally feel this way.

    2. What gives me energy?
    Getting enough sleep, eating right, writing something (like right now), sports / exercise.

    3. What things do I do that I tend to regret later?
    Sugar. I heart sugar. I don’t respect time. Being lazy.
    4. What do I need to do more of that would make me feel better about myself?
    I need to realize time is limited, and act accordingly.