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  • Jayson

    October 11, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    Hi! I’m from Edmonton, AB, Canada.
    I’m here because I want to start a business. Or a side hustle. Or have a second income of some kind. Or a business.

    I’m in the business program. But I realize I have a few mindset issues, so … I’m in the mindset program … too.

    I’m kind of all over the place. (I have to work on my focus).

    I studied programming in college, but never had a programming job. Mainly I did IT help desk, IT support and IT Admin roles. Unfortunately in this case, IT means Information Technology, and not Impact Theory.

    I spent a lot of time working directly with customers, caring about customers and seeing things from their perspective. I don’t want to say I did it for decades because you’ll think I’m old, but I did it for quite a while. I know I’m great at a supportive role.

    In no particular order, I’m interested in NFT’s (mainly Tom and Garyvees). I’d like to start (and complete) an NFT project(s) (I’m not the artistic type though. Are you?). [Hard emphasis on the “and complete.”]

    I like watching how people market / sell their products on Twitter. I like learning. Trying something new. Doing sports (not watching them), but I’m currently not doing any. My kids are 16 and 18 so I am starting to get more free time. I have a desire to create product(s). I have a strong interest in writing.

    I’m always pretty happy. I enjoy what I do, (including ‘boring’ daily activities (ex dishes)). I like to see people succeed. I’d like to see You succeed.

    You have an open invitation to talk to me at any time. I’m friendly.

    ???? To be clear, I want to get clarity on what’s holding me back from finishing my creative projects / ideas and making money from them.