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  • Eduardo Reyes

    October 11, 2021 at 7:35 pm


    The activities that give me energy are just about anything that stimulates my learning. Whether it be reading a book or listening to a podcast. I want to be able to learn and find a way to know what to do with the thing I just learned in the next 15 minutes. Spending time with loved ones gives me energy and its a bonus if I can make them the happiest they can be.


    The three words I want people to associate with me are Empathy Kindness and Impact!

    Inspiring people –

    In no order, my mother, Tom and Gary Vaynerchuk


    ACTION! thats what I need to do more of and slowly but surely I am getting better at it but I know it will make me feel much better if I just go! momentum is real and I just have to build enough of it and it will help change my frame of reference.