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  • Jesse Filipko

    October 11, 2021 at 11:27 am

    I’m Jesse out here in San Francisco. I have struggled with being overly sensitive for a long time. When something bad happens or I burn out, years will go by before I’m recovered enough to open my eyes and look at my life. This has left my career and life journey fairly stagnant for long periods of time.

    I’m very creative, but not very industrious or conscientious. I bring a lot of value to groups that can balance out the traits I’m lacking. Though, as I get older, I’d rather become more well-rounded so I could get more done as an individual.

    I’m slowly getting better (bullet journaling has been a huge help) and I’m trying to form habits and goals that are sustainable by who I am, while also slowly trying to adapt to or reshape my emotional sensitivity.

    I need a 5-year plan and I’d love a 1-year plan, but I’m currently focused on weekly plans to tweak my routines and habits to become a more functional person.