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  • Tony Angelini

    October 11, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Good question! Actually, it’s hard to keep up, especially since I use my ears all day editing for the theatre, for podcastins – I’m always listening to something so who wants to step away and listening again? So what I do is I don’t stress if I miss a podcast. If something sounds interesting, like a book or a podcast or a video, I put the link in my To Do app (omnifocus) and tag it with learning. Then when I have time, I go to that list. The worst think I might do is try to catch up on EVERYTHING all the time and feel guilty when I inevitably fail.

    One think I like to do is sit outside after dinner with a nice cigar and watch TV on my ipad. But recently, instead of watching TV, I’ll light up and watch a video in the mindset track, and take notes wiht the apple pencil. This has worked quite well, and painlessly. Is there something like that you can do? Stack it with a habit you already have?