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  • Jason Fisher

    October 11, 2021 at 8:58 am

    Hey ITU Fam! ????

    Pleasure to connect with you all – a few familiar faces and a quite a few new ones!

    I’m “Fish” from South Carolina (upstate), and I’ve been in ITU for nearly a year now.

    I’m excited to step into this challenge to gain clarity specifically around physical fitness and competitiveness.

    As I’ve gotten older (not old, just older), I find it more difficult to remain focused on certain things I used to love so much, athletically speaking. I’ve always been super competitive, and have always been self-driven in this regard, but not being on a team anymore has brought about its own difficulties in being consistent in keeping fit and active.

    I’m no sloth, but I have lacked consistency in my workouts and want to dig deeper into why, and what I can do to get in excellent shape (for myself, and my wife) and to be a great source of motivation and leadership for my boys, who are beginning their own journey’s in sports and recreation.