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  • Răzvan Puiu

    October 11, 2021 at 7:44 am

    Hey! I’m Rãzvan from Bucharest, Romania. I’ve been with ITU since Nov 2020 and joining it was one of the best decisions in my life ????

    I worked as a software developer for around 7 years in total. After 5 years at a big name in the financial industry I’ve decided that the job is not fulfilling at all and I’ve decided to quit and become an entrepreneur. Currently I’m doing freelancing in order to be able to sustain myself and I keep trying new business ideas.

    My aim is to start a company that has a positive impact on the environment, but after a couple of failures I’ve lost the clarity on what I should do next and I’m currently in a “confused” position without clear goal.

    I had a couple of ideas in the beginning and one of them was standing out. I spent some time defining it and writing a business plan and it grew more and more (in my mind). Meanwhile I’ve learned to test my ideas and try to collide them with the reality as fast as possible. At the beginning of this year I was a part of a startup accelerator, and had the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people. During the accelerator an a couple months after, I spent 100% of my time testing these various ideas and I got to the conclusion that none of them are feasible. By feasible I mean that they don’t solve a real problem for which people are willing to pay, therefore I won’t be able to turn them into a business.

    This experience made me realise that I should first build a self sustaining economic engine (business – as Tom would say) which align to my core values, and then save the planet.

    My goal for this challenge is to gain clarity on what I should do next and set a clear goal.