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  • Masashi Nakane

    October 11, 2021 at 7:29 am

    Hi, my name is Masashi, I came to Silicon Valley 4 years ago from Japan as it was my dream place to live and work as a software engineer. I joined a start up company and it went well.

    I am happy about it, but I realized that it misses something and I need a exciting challenge, which is to join a top tech company where I need more technical skills and communication skill than I need now.
    It requires much discipline to practice, train myself and learn hard while I am very busy with the current job and the family commitment. Then I lose my track sometimes and get back and lose again and on and on, these years.

    What I know now from one of Tom’s talks is that I don’t have enough clarity on it.

    Goal here is to have clarify to keep my pursuit optimally in order to join my dream company.