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  • Mona Mandour

    October 10, 2021 at 6:41 am

    I’m Mona Mandour and I’m so excited to be part of the Clarity Challenge! I’ve been with ITU since July 2019 when it started and I have to admit I haven’t been consistent ????

    But I am extremely attracted to challenges and I feel gamification was invented with me in mind! So the points being automatically calculated now with the new site is a big factor on why I expect I’ll finish and follow through ????

    I’m a recovering people pleaser which has led me to put myself in the sidelines and fear doing anything that will expose my real self in case it brings on negative judgement. I have come a long way and still in the process. One thing that has held me back is my size. As soon as I left my job to pursue health coaching and fitness, I had a few health problems and allergies that caused me to gain a lot of weight. So I got into a cycle of waiting to lose weight before I start, to feeling depressed, to emotionally eating, to waiting some more… Now 5 years later, I have worked a lot on my mindset, and managed to lose 25% of the weight I need to lose and started to market my business as I am to inspire people to get started no matter where they are at.

    My goal for the clarity challenge is to have a clear roadmap for 2022 for both my personal life and my professional goals, so I hit the road running in Jan 2022!