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  • Kaushik Talari

    January 28, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    NIMA!! I finally get to meet the legend himself! Im so sorry I was very busy in covid duties that I didnt log onto ITU these past few days. You know what, let me take this opportunity to invite you for an interview. Theres just something so fascinating in your energy and the sheer amount of work you put out that looking at you, the first emotion that came to me was jealousy, as in “God this guy is killin it. I want to be where he is!” and thats when I found out youre the student of the month. But ur enthusiasm dint stop even after the student of the month passed on to Rosa. That is what fascinates me about you. Theres a LOT I could learn from you man, if we could get a common to meet up. And as far as my dilemma goes, I am trying to pursue the former at the moment but Im stuck at a place that even my whys arent giving me particularly strong enough excitement to pursue it. I concluded it might be the beginner’s inertia. so I put up bright lines to work on it. for now.