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  • Carel van Apeldoorn

    January 24, 2022 at 9:35 pm

    If I understand correctly, step one is to build a distribution channel around a brand and a specific narrative with products from a third-party supplier, and potentially self-manufacture at a later point in time. What is your “beach front” marketing approach to start building a tribe? Some great resources to learn more in case you are interested are: “The start-up owners manual” by Steve Blank and “How to cross the Chasm” by Geoffery Moore.

    In reply to your second question, I help entrepreneurs get clarity on their big WHY and support them in the mindset and strategies to help them build their business besides similar services I offer to mid-tier and upper management.

    I have been building businesses for the last 25 years (outside of working in banking for 2 years right after university) and I love to mentor people on the topic and coach them on the mindset to get the job done.

    Awesome we also have the running in common. Such a great thing you can have an experience like that with your daughter. My daughter is 5 and recently started asking if I can start training her as well. Wonderful to be able to lead by example.