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  • Claire Garlick

    January 4, 2022 at 6:09 pm

    Hi Alex! You have a lot packed into this post and I applaud you for your transparency. I think you core objective for your future life and for the impact on your son are powerful. The community in my opinion is two parts…one the content and the other the ability to connect and let others support and hold you accountable to growth on the journey. None of us are meant to do this life alone. The older I get the more I recognize that part of this is learning we are stronger together and this idea of roughing it out solo is bs. I hope you will time block for the classes that is what helped me get through them I felt really behind until I did that and more importantly join in some of the impact groups and allow this community to support you in the goals you are creating for yourself. I look forward to meeting you within this amazing community.