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  • Curt LaVine

    December 3, 2021 at 1:02 am

    Hello Nima,

    My second year is almost complete, and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of the practicality of applying the Mindset course material. Secondly, upgraded to include the Business courses and my first response is, MIND BLOWN!!! I now have a shortlist of skills I’m working on developing to propel me in reaching my goal and dream of making videos for my children and grandchildren of my life lessons and freely sharing it with the world is just a bonus. Tom has opened my mind to the opportunity of earning a living in doing what I want to create.

    Yes, I was part of the clarity challenge, and I fell short in my ability to move as quickly in the weekly progress work. I am dealing with a broken brain from a concussion. I am recovering, just as not as quickly, I want to. I do expect a full recovery. So, I have saved the word documents of the challenge so I can keep working on it. Oh, the first principles of problem-solving and the physics of progress have been instrumental in working out how to find clarity for me.

    The 90-day challenge sounds amazing! Having a small group of supporters and accountability partners is the best part.

    Lastly, the little studio is becoming my favorite place I go to, relax, get lost in learning my skills, and my personality is becoming visible by the stuff I am decorating and assembling in the background. To give a hint of the theme, think Red Dead Redemption 2 western mixed with real western style items. Maybe clutter to some, but a joy to me.

    Lastly, Lastly… I discovered this “sound design” that I want to incorporate into my webcast/podcast and am learning about storytelling in an effort to bring a short idea, or message across that will be rememberable.

    I trust that brings more light to your questions, and I’m very eager to learn about your journey in dealing with chronic knee pain, what self-help programs you discovered, and more importantly, what have you learned that really made a difference in your life.